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Scientists Explain Their Work To Ecuadorian Pupils In London

In partnership with the Embajada del Ecuador en el Reino Unido and with the support of the Biochemical Society, Native Scientist is organising a science workshop for Ecuadorian pupils living in the UK.

The workshop, taking place at the Consulate near King's Cross station on the 28th of January, 3pm, will provide an opportunity for pupils and their parents to speak Spanish and learn about the work of Ecuadorian scientists in London. During the workshop, which will last approximately 2 hours, the scientists will be demonstrating their work in a fun and engaging way, inspiring pupils to learn science and fostering the learning of new vocabulary in Spanish.

To register your child for this workshop, please follow this link. Please be aware that limited places are available.

If you are an Ecuadorian scientist and would like to contribute by volunteering, you can do so by signing up here.

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