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Native Scientists nominated again among the Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise

Joana Bordalo is nominated among theTop 100 Women in Social Enterprise established by Euclid Network for her role in the Cientista Regressa à Escola programme.

Euclid Network is an European network for social enterprise support organisations (SESO). They foster social entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe, and, since 2020, every year they nominate “Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise”. The initiative spotlights women’s journey in the social enterprise sector, showcases the barriers they are still encountering and connects women in social enterprise to learn from and inspire each other. Two Native Scientists representatives were already nominated in 2021. Among the 2023 nominations, revealed on the International Women’s Day, 8th of March, there is also our Native Scientist Joana Bordalo.

Joana Bordalo, selected as Social Innovator, has been collaborating with Native Scientists for 2,5 years, first as Manager of the Same Migrant Community Programme, and now as Lead of the Same Home Town Programme in Portugal, a programme she co-founded in 2021 together with Joana Moscoso and Matilde Gonçalves. The programme, currently implemented in Portugal and known as “Cientista Regressa Escola” (Scientists Return to School) is based on a concept of Circular Education, as it promotes the return of science students and professionals to their primary schools to deliver unique and meaningful science workshops bridging the gap between the scientific and the educational communities.

“Joana Bordalo is passionate about social justice, science and education. Her commitment, positive attitude, capacity to identify and overcome challenges, and clarity of thought and foresight are the attributes that make her an outstanding and inspiring person and professional”, says Joana Moscoso, Director of Native Scientists.

In receiving the nomination, Joana said: “It is an honour to receive this nomination in recognition for the work we have been doing at Native Scientists. This would never be possible without the mentorship, commitment and passion of Joana Moscoso, to whom I will be forever grateful. For me, this award highlights the relevance of our work, it reminds me how education is key and of utmost importance in our societies and that we should never give up on our ideas and projects, but instead push even harder to make them a beautiful reality.”

These recognitions confirm Natives’ role in driving societal change through the innovative and inspiring projects promoting dynamic literate societies.

About Joana Bordalo

Co-founder and Programme Lead of Cientista Regressa à Escola - former Same Migrant Community Programme Manager. Joana is a Master in Science Communication with a biology and music background. Joana is committed to improving educational opportunities and reducing inequalities through her work. She is also a cellist, loves travelling and is passionate about Nature, which is why she lives in the Azores.

About Euclid Network

Euclid Network is a European network of organisations that support social entrepreneurs. Members are based in 21 countries and represent over 100.000 organisations within and outside of Europe. The network was launched in Paris in March 2007 as a result of a joint initiative by three civil society umbrella bodies across Europe and has four core aims: professional development; Good governance; Welfare partnership; Sustainable funding.


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