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The Native Scientist Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Native Scientist has defined its priorities for the next five years. Check out our Strategic Plan 2020-2025.

The document builds on Native Scientist’s purposes and values, and sets strategic priorities for the activities until 2025.

In the last seven years, Native Scientist has developed educational programmes to inspire and expose migrant children to science and language education while also supporting their personal development. Children meet scientists for the first time in their lives, learn new vocabulary and new scientific concepts, and feel prouder of speaking more than one language. While the challenge in the early days was to ensure delivery and replication of the activities to a high standard, establishing Native Scientist as a brand and a company in Europe, the challenge now is to achieve focused and deep impact using innovation to achieve sustained growth and circumvent adversity.

Based on a profound reflection on the company’s achievements and the recommendations of the Advisory Board, Native Scientist has defined a strategy termed ICI, for Impact, Consolidation, and Innovation.

“The Advisory Board meeting was a unique opportunity to gather experts from different areas who share the vision of Native Scientist. A full day of fruitful discussions led to a more aligned and focused strategy that Native will implement in the next 5 years. Keeping migrant children at the centre is our mission.” said Dr Carina Santos, Chairperson of Native Scientist’s Advisory Board.

The priorities are:

  1. to generate and capture social impact;

  2. to develop focused and sustained growth;

  3. to support educational innovation.

The ICI strategy, coupled to a new organisational structure and a cost-effective operational capacity, provides a direction to Native’s future, a trampoline within which existing activities can be pursued and new ones initiated.

“Inspired by the hundreds of scientists who enroll in our activities, the grateful parents and teachers, and the awe faces of the children, we set out to define a direction and priorities for the next five years. As Native Scientist matures, our internal structure and processes become more sophisticated, reflecting our commitment to continue doing greater and better impact” said Dr Joana Moscoso, co-founder and director of Native Scientist.

To read our Strategic Plan 2020-2025 in full, please consult it here.


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