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and help us inspire underserved children to realise their potentia

Education needs change.

Underserved children are more likely to underachieve in science and maths than their non-underserved peers.


Many school systems perpetuate inequalities in accessing science, fail to provide diverse role models and tend to neglect one of the greatest assets of children: curiosity.


It does not have to be this way.

Science can have a transformative power in the life and future of a child. Not only in terms of their professional life, but, above all, in the way they see the world and approach problems. All children and little scientists have an immense ability to ask questions. We must encourage this and we need support to ensure this curiosity prevails for the good of us all.

Paulo Marques, Donor

Its a pleasure to contribute to such brilliant organisation that not only advocates for connecting children with science but also helps them to connect with their roots through language. I am both a scientist and an immigrant in a country that doesn't speak my native language so naturally I feel deeply connected with the work of Native Scientists.

Cecilia Pini, Donor

Native Scientists exist to inspire, encourage and empower children in underserved and rural communities to realise their potential. 


We do this by running award-winning, innovative workshops for children, giving them a taste across a wide range of science fields, all delivered by scientists with a common heritage language or from the same hometown.  We harness the passion of scientists as role models, drawing upon a sense of shared history and community to help broaden their horizons and embrace their diverse backgrounds.  


Why does it matter? Scientists can be important agents of social change.  Over the last 10 years more than 1,200 volunteer Native Scientists have contributed to creating virtuous cycles of change in local communities by bridging the gap between children and science. 


It gave me the confidence to believe that what I wanted to do was possible.

We know it’s working, because young people like Tiago, a first generation physicist, talks about his experience with us saying ‘It gave me the confidence to believe that what I wanted to do was possible’. 


Read more from Tiago and other young scientists about what it means to them to access our programmes.

We want to ignite more sparks in children, just like we did with Tiago.  

It’s important we do more. We want to amplify our impact, extend our programmes to new locations and touch those hardest to reach communities so children's potential is realised and they are able to fully participate in their schools and communities. But we are a not-for-profit organisation and we can’t do it alone.

This giving season, we’d love to raise €10,000, enough to reach an extra 200 children with our workshops, so please donate what you can today.  Your generosity will help Native Scientists provide underserved children with inspiration, meaningful connections and a path to a brighter future.

Join us on our mission by donating to one of our programmes or to the region that you are most passionate about and we’ll send you regular updates on how your support is making an impact.

Joana Moscoso, Co-founder & Director

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