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Volunteer Agreement

Last updated: 04/03/2023


When you volunteer with us, this agreement is the foundation of the working relationship between you and Native Scientists. It is not a legal agreement but it is a formal agreement expressing an intended common interest and line of action. It clarifies responsibilities, values, duration, confidentiality, and adherence to the organisation's policies and procedures.

By registering to volunteer or volunteering at Native Scientists, you express a common interest and commitment to collaborating in carrying out Native Scientists work and activities relating to promoting scientific literacy and reducing inequalities.


If you have any questions or concerns, contact us by email at

1. Purpose

This agreement defined the terms and conditions governing the relationship between Native Scientists and the Volunteer, who agrees to fulfil the voluntary role using the information, support and resources provided by Native Scientists, and to foster a positive image of Native Scientists, in accordance with its vision, mission and values. You can read about Native's vision, mission and values here.


2. Background

Native Scientists and its Volunteers are united by the desire of promoting fair and quality science education.

3. Duration

The agreement between Native Scientists and the Volunteer is effective from the date of registration as a volunteer and it renews automatically on the 1st of September each year unless agreed otherwise. If no commitments are scheduled or pending, the Volunteer can at any point in time terminate the agreement with Native Scientists by sending an email to stating the reasons for leaving. Native can terminate the agreement with immediate effect if the Volunteer has been found to be in serious breach of this agreement and/or has acted in an unethical, dishonest or illegal way.

4. Values of this agreement

Native Scientists and the Volunteer agree that the best work comes out of great relationships. Honesty, respect, accountability and gratitude are keys to a great relationship and therefore the parties have an interest in treating each other with these values at all times. What brings together Native Scientists and the Volunteer is the drive to do meaningful and impactful work in the field of science education and outreach for school children, particularly underserved children. In case of disagreements, disputes or conflict, decision-making should take into consideration Native's values of inclusion, passion, innovation and commitment.

5. Confidentiality, Data Protection and Child Safeguarding

By joining Native Scientists as a volunteer, the Volunteer acknowledges that having access to information and data that is private, confidential and/or proprietary is an additional responsibility. The Volunteer agrees to:

5.1 Treat such information and data as private, confidential and/or proprietary, not disclosing it, in whole or in part, to any third party without prior consent from Native. This is valid for as long as the Volunteer is a Volunteer and indefinitely after that.

5.2 Not us such information and data for any purpose except as necessary for the Volunteer's role and as set out in this agreement.

5.3 Comply with our Privacy Policy when contacting others.

5.4 Comply with our Child Safeguarding Policy when carrying out the work.

6. Roles and Responsabilities

In the working relationship between Native Scientists and the Volunteer, Native commits to the following:

  • explain how the organisation works and describe what is the role of the Volunteer;

  • provide guidance and support, in group and/or personalised, to enable the Volunteer to carry out the work;

  • give access to information and resources that allow the Volunteer to carry out the work;

  • communicate with clarity;

  • value and recognise the work of the Volunteer.

Likewise, the Volunteer commits to the following:

  • manage the work according to the guidance and resources provided;

  • establish/nurture/manage a good relationship with others;

  • communicate with clarity;

  • make best efforts to deliver the work to a high-quality standard;

  • value and recognise the work of Native Scientists.

7. Declarations

Through this agreement, the Volunteer:

7.1 Declares that the work carried out is free of any conflict of interest, cannot be claimed by third parties, and does not infringe with any other agreement entered by the Volunteer.

7.2 Acknowledges having the conditions, equipment, tools and materials to perform the work to the best of ability and in a safe manner and applying healthy working practices.

7.3 Understands that Native will not control how the role is performed on a day-to-day basis and it is the responsibility of the Volunteer to determine when the work is done.

7.4 Declares to not engage in any criminal or illegal activity while representing Native Scientists, and that controversial industries like gambling, firearms, tobacco, or others will not be promoted or associated with Native Scientists.

7.5 Understands that if a medical emergency arises during a Native Scientists work or activity, unless the Volunteer is a trained first-aider, the priority is to get assistance from someone who is trained and clear the space around the ill or injured person. In situation of danger to the whole group, the priority is to get yourself and those near you away from the danger as quickly as possible.

7.6 Understands that neither Native nor the legal representative of the premises where the work or activities are taking place will assume responsibility for the loss, theft of, or damage to the possessions of the Volunteer.

7.7 Commits to behave professionally when assuming the role of volunteer. This includes, but is not limited to, to the following situations being completely unacceptable: arriving late with no notice and/or with poor personal hygiene; swearing, or using offensive and discriminatory language, or inappropriate jokes; using, selling, distributing or being under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or other substances that may affect the Volunteer ability to carrying out the work; bribery, fraudulent and/or corrupt behaviour.

7.8 Agrees to proactively and timely informal and/or propose a collaboration to Native Scientists in the event of activities or projects similar in nature to the Native Scientists activities. The Volunteer acknowledges that there may be a conflict of interest in these circumstances and that a courtesy consent or notice should be requested or given to Native Scientists.

7.9 Understands that the work and activities carried out were or are conceived, developed or supported by Native Scientists, thus all know-how and copyrights belong to Native and the Volunteer does not have the right to replicate the work or activities independently of Native Scientists.

8. Talks, contact with the media, name and branding

The Volunteer is free and encouraged to accept invitations or send proposals to give talks, write blogs, be interviewed, or other ways of communicating or disseminating Native Scientists work in relation to the role as a volunteer. However, prior consent and notice must be obtained from Native Scientists. It is the responsibility of the Volunteer to let Native Scientists know in advance of such intention/participation and, additionally, to request any resources that might be helpful. It is also the responsibility of the Volunteer to provide information that is relevant to the audience and promote a positive image of Native Scientists and its cause of promoting quality and fair science education.

9. Financial considerations

The Volunteer acknowledges that the role is voluntary and has no financial remuneration. When possible and as predefined by the role or if previously discussed and agreed upon in advance, Native Scientists will meet the costs of travel and materials incurred during the volunteer work or activities.

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