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97% of scientists want to repeat the experience. 

If you are a multilingual science student or researcher and would like to do science outreach to develop your communication skills, create social impact, and meet like-minded people, you are in the right place. Through our Native Schools programme, we organise workshops where you can present your work in your mother tongue to ethnic minority and migrant children.



See our gallery and get involved if you'd like to be notified of opportunities near you.

Students and scientists from all stages of their careers and all fields of knowledge are welcome. Participation is on a voluntary basis.

Where and when can I participate?

For each language and city/country, we have a Native Coordinator that organises the workshops. Find out who is your Coordinator here.

what people say

"My participation in this project has been extremely beneficial in many different aspects. The most important gain for me is that I found another reason to do research and to continue to make questions and try to answer them."

—  Katerina (coordinator)

London, UK

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