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MIT Innovators Under 35 recognition

Held annually by MIT Technology Review, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the MIT Innovators Under 35 distinguishes and gives visibility to the most talented and innovative young leaders in the world, capable of materializing ideas that can change the way we use technology or make business in the future. Brought to Europe in 2011, the initiative pays tribute to young innovators in 5 categories: entrepreneurs, humanitarians, inventors, pioneers and visionaries.

Presenting the Native Scientist project, our Portuguese co-founder Dr Joana Moscoso is one of the 35 Europeans receiving the MIT Innovators Under 35 title. Upon receipt of the award, Joana explained that "Immigrant pupils are twice as likely to underperform at school than the rest of the pupils. Technology is allowing is to create a network of international scientists that are committed to tackle this educational disadvantage and in turn, we are advancing technology by inspiring and training the future and current generation of scientists."

This title recognizes the innovative nature of the Native Scientist project and puts its founders in the map of the most promising social changemakers.

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