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Pupils in Munich and London win Native Awards 2017

Anna Isabel (aged 10), from Munich, and Camilla (aged 8), from London, are this year's winners of the Native Awards.

On its 3rd edition, two categories for the Native Awards were considered - 'Best Sentence' and 'Best Drawing' -, based on a worksheet that is given to pupils participating in Native Scientist's workshops. A total of 5 finalists for each category were selected by the founders Joana and Tatiana and votes from 19 members of the Native Scientist core team were accounted for.

Anna got the 'Best Sentence Native Scientist Award' and Camilla got the 'Best Drawing Native Scientist Award'.

Women in STEM

Camilla attended an Italian Native Scientist Workshop, which she found "very interesting because I could see things in action and I have learned lots of new scientific facts." Camilla seems to have a natural passion for science communication as when she grows up, she would like "to write books and movies about discoveries."

Anna is an aspiring marine biologist and athlete. She attended a Portuguese Native Scientist Workshop, which she "enjoyed a lot, because there were "ciências" that I didn't know they existed."

Prizes consist of a branded tote bag and the book “Outside” autographed by Maria Ana Peixe Dias.

Our co-founder Joana says that "the quality of the entries this year was exceptionally high. It was very difficult to choose the finalists. Camilla's drawing reflects, with amazing detail, what a lab looks like. It's impressive how a 8 year old takes us there in a few seconds. Anna's sentence is very well structured. She goes, very charmingly, from the most obvious to the most ambitious. She shows signs of having skills that are highly developed in scientists such as logical thinking and problem-solving."

On the left, it's Anna from Munich, and on the right is Camilla from London. Both are holding the book included in the prize.

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