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Native Scientists Boost EU-UK Ties with Connects-UK

Native scientists join the new pan-European network in the UK to strengthen the connection between EU and UK science.

Led by a network of EU diaspora researchers' associations in the UK, Connects-UK is a collaborative platform seeking to bridge the gap between the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK) in the post-Brexit scenario. Native Scientists is one of the partners of this project, initially conceptualised in 2022, and recently funded by the European Commission to reflect its commitment to ensuring that collaborations and knowledge exchange continue to thrive in the post-Brexit era. The project was officially launched yesterday with an event held at Imperial College in London and online. The event was an opportunity to present the project roadmap focusing on four main objectives: establishing a professional network of EU researchers in the UK; furthering research on EU-UK scientific collaborations and mobility and the characterisation of the community of EU researchers in the UK; providing policy advice and advocacy to European and UK stakeholders; and developing science outreach programmes. It was also a chance for the member organisations to get together in person and discuss future initiatives. Anna Napolitano, Native's News and Blog Chief Editor, spoke about Native Scientists' goals within the project during the roundtable discussion 'Building Connections'. Together with representatives from the Universities UK International, France Embassy, the French Education and Research Network in the United Kingdom (FERN-UK) and the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT), the panellists discussed the why, how, and benefits of building connections among migrant communities. "Boosting the connections of diaspora scientists with their heritage community and across other migrant communities is a unique chance to promote career development while impacting future generations. It empowers individuals to promote the progress of our society. Connect-UK is offering this opportunity in the post-Brexit scenario." says Anna about the project. 

Thanks to the Connects-UK initiative, Native Scientists will finance eight workshops within the next two years involving several European languages and communities within the UK. If you want to know more about the Native Scientists and Connects-UK collaboration, send us an email to


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