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Native Ciencia: a new Joint Venture between Native Scientist and Eres Ciencia takes off

Native Ciencia is the new joint venture that aims to empower Spanish-speaking children across Europe.

Native Scientist is glad to announce a joint venture with Eres Ciencia, a Spanish project for disseminating science born from the hands of Maite Pérez Cidoncha. Passion about science and the aim of bringing science closer to children are among the many things that Native and Eres have in common. Maite started her Eres Ciencia adventure three years ago and has since shared her passion for science in the UK and Spain. Talking about the collaboration with Native, she said: “I feel honoured to join forces with Native Scientist in this new partnership. Ever since I discovered Native Scientist many years ago, I have fallen in love with the project and its philosophy. I’m sure that this new journey together will allow us to celebrate science in Spanish and impact the life of migrant children around Europe. “

Native Ciencia partnership focus will be delivering online science workshops to migrant Spanish-speaking children in European countries. “I am very happy to be establishing this joint venture with Maite and her project, Eres Ciencia. Whenever I think of Maite, I always remember this video where she reveals her passion for science outreach activities targeted at children “because they are the future” and “because science is part of society and ultimately, an informed society is capable of making better decisions”. With this shared passion, we are looking forward to joining efforts and bringing more science to Spanish-speaking migrant children across Europe.” Joana Moscoso, the co-founder of Native Scientists, commented.

The first joint activities will happen in November, in close collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in London.

About Eres Ciencia

Eres Ciencia was born with the idea that science shouldn’t be restricted to laboratories and universities. It belongs to all of us. With that goal in mind, we create videos, articles, workshops and multimedia content to engage and open up science to society, especially women and girls. During the last 3 years, we used online opportunities to reach out to a larger Spanish audience on both sides of the pond. Many families and educators find our work interesting and delightful and use it in their everyday lives. We are always looking to find new ways to make science open, inclusive and accessible.

About Native Scientist

Created by international migrant scientists for international migrant children, Native Scientist is a young and passionate multi-award-winning, European-wide non-profit organisation that unites advocates for diversity and inclusion in science and education. In the classroom or beyond, Native Scientist actively engages with 250+ scientists every year, inspiring over 1,200 pupils to consider a science-related career and feel proud to use their heritage language.


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