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Call for Language Teachers in Europe

We are inviting teachers with a passion for new ways of non-formal learning to apply for hosting a Native Scientist workshop.

Calling for Language Teachers in Europe

Native Scientist is looking for teachers, especially teachers of a heritage language and/or teachers in schools with high numbers of migrant children, working in schools across Europe, to host a workshop that promotes science and language literacy among students.

What is a Native Scientist workshop?

In Native Scientist workshops, scientists go out of the lab and into schools. They talk about their work and career to students. Each workshop brings together 3 to 5 scientists, who use game-like exercises, interactive materials, infographics, prototypes or other supporting materials to promote integrated learning of science and language, as well as the interaction with role models, raising students’ aspirations and positive attitudes towards science and self.

Which students can attend the workshop?

This call is for teachers willing to host a Native Scientist workshop, which typically targets multilingual migrant pupils aged 6 to 12 years old . The workshops are multidisciplinary and follow a specific speed-dating format. Importantly, they are held (1) in the school where you teach, and (2) in a specific heritage or foreign language, which usually is the language pupils speak at home with their family . For example, if you teach Spanish to pupils born to Spanish parents but living in Berlin, you could host a Native Scientist workshop organised by Spanish-speaking scientists also living in Berlin. Likewise, if you teach in a school in Berlin with a high number of migrant pupils who speak Spanish at home, you could host a Native Scientist workshop organised by Spanish-speaking scientists in Berlin.

What is expected from the teachers?

As a teacher, you will liaise with the local Native Scientist coordinator to arrange a suitable date and time to host the workshop, which usually takes about 2 hours. You will also liaise with the parents for authorizations prior to the workshop. During the workshop, you will gather and monitor the pupils (20-25 children per workshop) while they interact with the scientists.How to apply to become a hosting teacher. If you are interested in hosting a Native Scientist workshop, please fill in this form before the 15th of October 2020.

For 2021, we welcome all teachers interested to register, but priority will be given to the following profiles:

  • Teachers of French in Dublin

  • Teachers of Greek in Canterbury

  • Teachers of Malay in London

  • Teachers of Portuguese in Cardiff

  • Teachers of Portuguese in Basel

  • Teachers of Portuguese in Cambridge

  • Teachers of Portuguese in Edinburgh

  • Teachers of Portuguese in Paris

  • Teachers of Portuguese in Zurich

  • Teachers of Spanish in Arnhem region

  • Teachers of Spanish in Paris

  • Teachers of Tamil in Bern and Zurich

“When will I be notified of the outcome of the application?"

You will be notified of the outcome of your application until the 15th of December.

For any questions regarding this call, please email Ana at (Subject: Native Teacher).


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