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Half a decade of Native Scientist!

Our Annual Report 2017/2018 is out and guess what? In 2018 Native Scientist celebrated five years!

Our pioneering project, Native Schools, continued to conquer new lands and new students. The Netherlands and Norway joined us, taking the number of countries where workshops are held up to six! Over 890 pupils and 140 scientists participated in 40 workshops during 2017/2018, confirming the commitment of the scientific community and of teachers and pupils to this fast-growing non-profit project. Last year was also a year of new adventures! We launched the Native Explorers project, which takes students out of schools into laboratories or museums, and the Challenging Assumptions project, which took Native Schools traveling around 8 European countries. Both projects were a success, reaching 85 and 236 pupils, respectively.

In 2017/2018, training of the scientists that work with us was also a priority with 15 webinar sessions being organized.

MIT Technology Review magazine and the European Year of Cultural Heritage both recognized the innovative and impactful work of Native Scientist on promoting STEM subjects and tackling the educational disadvantages faced by migrant pupils. Moreover, Native Scientist has received sponsorship from MathWorks, meaning that we have diversified our revenue stream.

Native Scientist's eyes are now focused on the year ahead. We will continue the work that we have been developing up to now and have set two important milestones: 1) find a sustainable financial model that makes Native Scientist less reliant on short-term grants and 2) find efficient ways of measuring and disseminate the impact of our work.

For more information about Native Scientist´s achievements during 2017/2018 please consult our annual report here.


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