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Meet the scientists who are inspiring the leaders of the future

Four scientists shared with us theirs paths and motivations to do science and their advice to those who are educating the future generations.

In a project supported by the Spanish Embassy in the UK, four spanish scientists working in London in different research fields were interviewed and filmed by Native Scientist. They talked about their careers, what motivated them to become scientists and how future generations should be educated for science. The interviews were done after the scientists participated in a Native Scientist workshop for Spanish pupils who attend English schools. As usual, this workshop had a speed-dating format where students interacted with real-world scientists. You can learn more about it here.

Today, we launch four 3-minute videos about the researchers who participated in this project. The goal? To transmit the passion and journey of these researchers to a wider audience, so that more people benefit and understand the work we do.

All videos can be watched in our Youtube channel following the links below:

Native Scientist would like to thank Carlos Bricio, who gathered the audiovisual material and produced the videos, and the Society of Spanish Researchers in the UK (SRUK), for their partnership in this project.


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