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Native and La Caixa together to foster the return of scientists to schools in portugal

BPI and “la Caixa” Foundation announced that they will support Native’s Same Hometown Programme in the school year of 2023/24. ”la Caixa Foundation” is a non-profit foundation working to have a more egalitarian society, combating inequalities, and promoting the well-being of the most disadvantaged communities and society as whole. Operating in Portugal since 2018, “la Caixa” Foundation aims to improve the dissemination of education and culture, so important for the progress of society, a scope which allies with Native Scientists ideology.

Joana Bordalo, leader of the Same Hometown Programme, says about the Foundation support “I am glad to see that BPI and “la Caixa” Foundation are aligned with our mission and wants to increase their social impact by trusting us and giving us the chance to reach more children and expand the programme to other communities this year”.

Thanks to this collaboration, Native Scientists will be able to reach more than 280 school children in Portugal by engaging and training 7 scientists who will return to their hometowns and primary schools across the country.

Artur Santos Silva, from “la Caixa” Foundation, says “Education and science dissemination are two fundamental pillars in “la Caixa” Foundation and the Same Hometown Program allows these children not only to get closer to science, enhancing their skills, curiosity and broadening their horizons but to interact with recognised scientists, from their hometown, that are willing to give back and serve as a role model for these children.”

If you are a scientist who attended primary school in Portugal or a school teacher in Portugal and are interested in the programme, please contact Joana Borbalo.

About Native Scientists

Founded in 2013, Native Scientists is an award-winning pan-European non-profit organisation connecting underserved children with scientists. It exists to broaden children’s horizons, promoting scientific literacy and reducing inequalities through science outreach educational programmes.

About ”la Caixa” Foundation

”La Caixa” Foundation is a not-for-profit banking foundation based in Catalonia providing social, cultural and civic services aimed at improving people’s quality of life. Its mission is to build a better and fairer society, giving more opportunities to those most in need, with the values of trust, excellence and social commitment that have always accompanied us since the beginning. It fosters the progress of society by responding to new challenges in research, high quality training and education, and making science and culture available to all segments of society.


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