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Native Educa, a joint venture to empower migrant communities

Native Educa is a new joint venture between Native Scientist and Ginkgo Educa.

The purpose of this joint venture is to cooperate in initiatives that aim to empower migrant communities in Switzerland through science education initiatives for both migrant children and teachers of heritage languages. “It’s really exciting to be creating this joint venture, the first at Native Scientist.”, says Joana Moscoso, Native Scientist’s Director. “Marta [Marialva, head of Ginkgo Educa] has been very dynamic in setting up our Native Schools programme in Switzerland. She has also made informal science education her main career focus after completing a PhD in Biology. Her focus resulted in creating a beautiful science education venture called Ginkgo Educa, which is socially responsible and wants to tap into fostering the full potential of ethnic minority and migrant children.”

Marta Marialva adds that “When I discovered Native Scientist, I instantly fell in love with the project! At Ginkgo-Educa, we never imagined that with just two years of activity, we would have the opportunity to join forces with such an incredible team. I feel honoured and excited to start this journey to promote scientific literacy among migrant children. I truly believe that our shared vision and synergies can and will contribute to build a renewed, more human, and healthier world for everyone.”

In the future, Native Educa intends to expand to other European countries.

About Ginkgo-Educa

Ginkgo-Educa (Educa) delivers joyful, didactic and interdisciplinary experiences to different age groups by developing hands-on science activities. Educa promotes practice-oriented workshops and uses methodologies focused on the student that aims at transforming pupils into active players of their learning process. Among other projects, Educa also works with migrant communities living in Switzerland and applies their teaching methodology integrated with language learning in a bilingual context.

About Native Scientist

Created by international migrant scientists for international migrant children, Native Scientist is a young and passionate multi-award-winning, European-wide, non-profit organisation that unites advocates for diversity and inclusion in science and education. In the classroom or beyond, Native Scientist actively engages with 200+ scientists every year, inspiring over 1,000 pupils to consider a science-related career and feel proud to use their heritage language.

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