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Native Schools is looking for new Coordinators in Europe

We are inviting researchers across Europe with a passion for science outreach and education to become Coordinators in the Native Schools programme.

Native Scientist is looking for scientists living abroad and speaking more than one language to enroll in their Native Schools programme as Coordinators.

As Native Coordinator you will promote science and language literacy among migrant children through the organisation of workshops in schools or online. Read about the personal, societal, and professional benefits of participating in Native Scientist activities, here.

The workshops usually target pupils aged 6 to 12 years old and are multidisciplinary and follow a specific speed-dating format. Importantly, they are held (1) in the city where you live and (2) in a foreign language, which usually is your mother tongue and the pupils’ heritage language. For example, if you are a Spanish-speaking scientist in Berlin, you could become a Native Scientist Coordinator for Spanish, organising Spanish science workshops for Spanish-speaking children living in Berlin.

What is expected from a role as coordinator?

This opportunity is for scientists to volunteer in the Native Schools programme. As a coordinator, you will practice skills like project management, leadership and networking. You will create and coordinate a small team of scientists, and you will liaise with teachers or workshop hosts to deliver a workshop. Being a coordinator implies a 8-12 hour commitment per workshop, limited to a maximum of 4 workshops per school year.

How to apply to become a coordinator

If you are interested in having a Coordinator role, please email Natacha at To enroll for 2021/2022, please do so until Nov 22, as our Coordinator onboarding process starts with an 1-hour online session on Nov 25. Applications after Nov 22 will be considered only for the following school year.

For 2022, all international and multilingual scientists living in Europe are welcome but we are specifically looking for the following profiles:​

  • Estonian-speaking Coordinator in London, UK

  • French-speaking Coordinator in Limerick, Ireland

  • French-speaking Coordinator in Galway, Ireland

  • German-speaking Coordinator in Edinburgh, UK

  • German-speaking Coordinator in London, UK

  • Polish-speaking Coordinator in Bedford, UK

  • Italian-speaking Coordinator in Manheim, Germany

  • Portuguese-speaking Coordinator in Edinburgh, UK

  • Portuguese-speaking Coordinator in Konstanz, UK


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