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Native Scientists collaborates with the University of Coimbra to boost Cientista Regressa à Escola

Cientista Regressa à Escola was launched in Portugal in 2021 to promote cultural and scientific literacy bringing together scientists and pupils from the same hometown. Following the programme's success with more than 30 workshops delivered, Native Scientist recently signed a collaboration with the University of Coimbra to encourage the participation of their scientists in the Cientista Regressa à Escola programme.

The University of Coimbra (UC), through the Institute of Interdisciplinary Research, actively collaborates with Science Communication initiatives. To further demonstrate their commitment towards outreach and impacting STEM education, the university decided to promote Cientista Regressa a Escola among all staff working with them and support Native Scientist to reach this goal. Ana Carvalho, from the University of Coimbra said about the collaboration, "we believe that when the Scientist returns to school, opportunities are opened to all involved. Researchers re-encounter their elementary schools, remember challenges faced when they were younger, and share their science and life story with children who are exactly in the same place where they start to seek their future. Children are delighted with the possibility of having researchers showing science and explaining the world's mysteries to them. Moreover, children are empowered to pursue any career, following the example of the success of their fellow scientists."

The collaboration starts in the current school year, and the UC aims to engage at least 5 scientists in their return to their various primary schools around the country. “Universidade de Coimbra is the first research institution that committed to engage their scientists in this science educational programme. This is notable and underlines the importance for UC of involving researchers in communicating their science and contributing to inspire the next generations of students towards all scientific expertises,” says Joana Bordalo, Co-founder and Coordinator of Cientista Regresa a Escola.

About Native Scientists

Founded in 2013, Native Scientists is an award-winning pan-European non-profit organisation connecting underserved children with scientists. It exists to broaden children’s horizons, promoting scientific literacy and reducing inequalities through science outreach educational programmes.

About University of Coimbra

To study at the University of Coimbra is to pursue the intellectual history of the country in the school that graduated some of the most distinguished personalities of national culture, science and politics. Over seven centuries of history, the University of Coimbra has a unique tangible and intangible heritage, keystone in the scientific culture of Europe and the World, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2013.


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