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Native Scientists turns 10!

Founded 10 years ago by Joana Moscoso and Tatiana Correia, Native Scientists has now established over 25,000 connections between children and scientists across various languages and countries. For 70% of the children, the participation in Native Scientists educational programmes was the first time in their lives that they have met a scientist.

On this day, the 28th of June, Native Scientists acknowledge the hard and passionate work of all the people who have embraced the Native mission to date, especially the volunteers. With over 3,000 scientists in the network, Native Scientists evolved over the years to become a pan-european non-profit organisation recognised for its excellence and innovation in the fields of science communication, education and social innovation.

To mark the 10th anniversary, Native Scientists is releasing today a commemorative memory book, “10 years Broadening the horizons of children through Science”, featuring the experiences, outcomes or wishes of 100 people whose lives were impacted by Native Scientists. This includes testimonials from students, scientists, teachers, partners, supporters or core team members.

To further celebrate the date, Native members will get together online and in person in November within the scope of the annual meeting and a special 10 years logo of Native Scientists will be displayed on the website and social media over the next few months.

About the 10th anniversary, our Co-founder and Director, Joana Moscoso, says that it is both a pleasure and a responsibility to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Native Scientists and that she is very much looking forward to seeing the organisation develop into another decade of impact.

In this special year, gift us by making a donation or joining our work, helping us achieve the aims of promoting fair and quality science education so that everyone can reach their full potential regardless of their background.


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