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Native Scientist receives EU label for promoting Cultural Heritage

We are proud to announce that the Native Scientist project has received the EU label for the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage. The initiative aims at celebrating Europe's diverse heritage and NS workshops were recognised as an excellent opportunity to promote and reinforce (intangible) cultural heritage.

Cultural heritage is the identity we have inherited from previous generations, live with today, and pass on to future generations. It surrounds us in towns and cities, natural landscapes and archaeological sites. It's the stories we tell to our children, the food we enjoy and the films we watch. To encourage more people to discover and engage with Europe's cultural heritage, and to reinforce a sense of belonging, 2018 has been designated as the European Year of Cultural Heritage by the European Commission.

Native Scientist is a non-profit award-winning organisation that organises workshops that bring together international scientists and pupils that share a common heritage language and culture. Defined by being people-centred and forward-looking, Native Scientist is building a network of scientists and teachers committed to tackle the educational disadvantage faced by migrant pupils.

All NS workshops organised in 2018 fall into the scope of the European Year of Cultural Heritage. On receiving this label, our co-founder Joana Moscoso says "It's an honour for us to be part of this movement and we congratulate the EU for putting together this initiative. In times when Europe is threatened by division and terrorism it's important to raise the awareness on what heritage means and to actively promote the formation of open and cohesive societies. Our goal is to celebrate diversity and promote social cohesion by acting on education, so that every person in society fulfills their potential and functions as an autonomous, self-realised citizen."


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