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Year 8: challenges and innovations

Our annual report for 2020/2021 is now ready!

One year of pandemic meant that most of our activities with children slowed down considerably, but we worked a lot and are finally recovering from the disruption experienced. We never stopped reaching out to children and promoting scientific literacy despite the odds. With equity and quality always in mind, we developed and delivered successful online Native Schools workshops and provided several Native Training for new coordinators. We now have six new different formats by which we can continue reaching migrant pupils across Europe, creating new possibilities for engagement. Last year, we also saw a slow return to in-person workshops, with all the safety measures in place. We also successfully added a new country and a new language to the Native family in the previous school year.

Despite having had to reduce our activities to a minimum for a period, we kept busy on other fronts: we started a new programme which will take scientists back to their primary schools; we launched two new partnerships, with the Association of Polish Engineering and with Eres Ciencia, a Spanish project for disseminating science. We shared Tiago Alves and Agnese Loda's success stories of how Native experiences shaped their careers and hired our first employee.

Ana Faro, Impact Manager, says “Our 2020/21 Annual Report showcases and celebrates the ways in which we reinvented ourselves to reach out to children, despite the challenges posed by remote learning. We now have opened new doors and formats that ultimately allow us to reach children in remote communities, thus furthering our mission.” For more information about our activities during 2020/2021 and ways to support us, please consult our annual report here.


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