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Why Raising A Child Multilingually Is Not A Mistake

12 linguistics experts, bilingual scientists, teachers and parents to bilingual children talk about the challenges and benefits of being multilingual. The interviews, carried out by Native Scientist, are now released in a booklet that fosters bilingual education.

"People don’t appreciate the linguistic richness in their families, and they themselves don’t believe in the value of their language" says Dr Napoleon Katsos, a linguistics expert from the University of Cambridge (UK). According to him, raising a child bilingually "is one of the most wonderful gifts you can give to your child.”

This booklet is the first publication of a programme called Native Aware, which aims at raising awareness about multilingualism. The interviews, carried out over two years by members of the Native Scientist team, help demystifying some of the preconceptions about bilingualism and language acquisition. They are a source of inspiration to parents who wish to raise their children bilingually and a resource for teachers or schools to define policies towards bilingualism and home language speaking.

To download the booklet, please go here.

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