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What Is The Smallest Thing In The World?

How do fish swim? Why do we get old? Can we predict the future? In partnership with Rádio Miúdos (first Portuguese radio station for children), scientists from our network answer these and other questions in a new radio show going live on the 22nd of March.

Two social innovation projects working with Portuguese immigrant pupils, Native Scientist and Rádio Miúdos, partnered up to create a radio show that unveils science facts to children aged 6 to 12 years old. The show is called Os Cientistas Explicam (translated into Ask The Scientists) and will be aired by Rádio Miúdos ( for 8 weeks on

Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, 6am, 4pm and 9.30pm. Every week, the programme answers a different question, which is carefully explained by Portuguese scientists around the world.

“Every child is curious and wants to know more about what surrounds them. This programme was created to nurture that children’s curiosity and to make science more accessible to all, in particular, Portuguese pupils living abroad. The radio station hosting the programme is listened in 144 different countries and Native Scientist has a network of over 500 international scientists so we felt that an initiative like this could have a great impact in disseminating Portuguese science, culture and language” says Joana Moscoso, co-founder of Native Scientist.

Native Scientist is a non-profit enterprise that connects immigrant pupils and scientists to tackle educational disadvantage and promote science and language literacy. Since its foundation in 2013, 70+ workshops have been organised, reaching over 1,800 pupils, in 4 different countries. Recently, they also launched a book for Portuguese pupils abroad, Uma volta ao mundo com cientistas portugueses.

Rádio Miúdos is the first Portuguese radio for children, parents and teachers. Founded in November 2015, it’s aired online in over 144 countries. Their team includes education and media graduate professionals as well as pupils, who gain experience as reporters and correspondents in Portugal and abroad.

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