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The Bseisu Foundation becomes the first partner of the Arabic programme at Native Scientists

The Arabic strand of Native Scientists’ Same Migrant Community (SMC) Programme, received exclusive funding to support its work.

Following on from the first Arabic workshop of the year, the Amjad and Suha Bseisu Foundation has partnered with Native Scientists to support one of the youngest languages in the SMC portfolio, Arabic.The Arabic strand of the programme is in an exciting stage of growth, where there is now a team of six Arabic coordinators across London, Newcastle, and Bradford, carrying out science outreach workshops that connect Arabic-speaking migrant children and scientists. Hania Tayara, Programme Lead for Arabic, says "We're very grateful to the Bseisu Foundation for their generous donation to the Arabic programme. This will enable the continued growth of the project in this crucial and early stage of implementation, allowing us to reach more Arabic-speaking migrant and refugee children through our interventions. We're also very excited to be welcoming Bseisu scholars to our community of change-makers!"

The Bseisu Foundation was co-founded in 2005 by Amjad Bseisu alongside his wife, Suha. Both have experienced life as first- and second- generation refugees respectively and wanted to give back, sharing a belief that the cornerstone of human development is empowering youth through education and accessibility. The Bseisu Foundation supports students financially through their graduate studies as well as providing a community with shared experiences and a vibrant, high-achieving alumni network. UK Bseisu scholars are STEM postgraduate students mostly from the Arabic-speaking Levant (Syria, Palestine, Jordan, and Lebanon), who will be able to connect with Arabic-speaking migrant and refugee children in the UK, as well as gain science communication and public engagement experience thanks to this unique partnership. The Bseisu Foundation’s donation is funding some of Native Scientists’ Arabic workshops that will be held across different cities in the UK during the current school year. As part of this collaboration, Native Scientists will provide ad-hoc training for the Bseisu scholars in science communication and provide opportunities to gain hands-on science outreach experience during the Arabic workshops. 

On the partnership, Felicity Garvey, Programmes Co-ordinator at the Bseisu Foundation, says: “We’re truly proud to be supporting Native Scientists in their work reaching out to Arabic-speaking migrant and refugee communities in the UK. We see this as a true complement to our own work supporting the pursuit of STEM at the postgraduate level, and believe that the work Native Scientists do is absolutely vital in breaking down access barriers to these fields at a pivotal young age.”

Interested in learning more about this initiative? You can meet the team here, read this blog post, or contact Hania Tayara for more details.  

About Native Scientists

Founded in 2013, Native Scientists is a pan-European non-profit organisation connecting underserved children and scientists. It exists to broaden children's horizons, promoting scientific literacy and reducing inequalities through science outreach educational programmes.

About the Bseisu Foundation

The Bseisu Foundation focuses primarily on supporting young people, women and refugees who want to study STEM degrees at postgraduate level. They provide scholarships at internationally renowned universities across the UK, US, Middle East and Malaysia. Their mission is to break down financial barriers to higher education and support bright students across the world to pursue higher education.


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