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Arabic Workshop at Jesmond Park Academy in Newcastle

A few weeks ago, we have been lucky enough to welcome a team from Native Scientists, who ran an exciting science workshop with some of our Arabic speaking students. Native Scientists is an organisation which connects multilingual professionals from STEM industries with students; their goal to inspire, provide students with the opportunity to celebrate their native language and encourage a keen interest in different scientific disciplines. On this occasion we had the help of an astrophysicist, a doctor, an engineer, and an entomologist giving Jesmond Park Academy (JPA) the opportunity to open our students’ eyes to a whole world of scientific discovery. In fact, beginning JPA’s relationship with Native Scientists in Arabic is perfect, not only because it is JPA’s biggest spoken language after English, but often a language hailed for its enormous influence on maths and science across the world.

Can you guess which of these well-known scientific terms have Arabic origins: algebra, algorithm, elixir, zero and chemistry? That’s right, all of them! Hopefully we will be able to welcome Native Scientists back to inspire more of our inquisitive minds in the future.


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