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Call for Writers – The ‘Science and Society’ series for the Native Scientists Blog

Native’s Blog is looking to host authors writing about science and society topics.

Science and technology impact society and shape the world around us. The questions we choose to ask and the research we undertake as scientists are also shaped by our social and political worlds, making science and society necessarily intertwined. This highlights the importance of a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to research. With this in mind, the ‘Science and Society’ series aims to spotlight the intersections of science, social justice, ethics, policy, and public participation in research.

We welcome proposals from natural and social scientists, science communicators, policy workers, students, and all those with an interest in the scientific community. If you have an idea for a blog article, please contact Hania Tayara to discuss further.

Ideas for blog posts include:

  • How can science communication and public engagement bridge the inequality gap in access to science?

  • Who and what benefits from a diverse and inclusive scientific community?

  • Why does the representation of diverse communities in science matter? How might this impact the scientists and science of the future?

  • Can technology perpetuate inequalities? If so, how do we combat this?

  • What does co-production of scientific knowledge with diverse publics entail? Why is it important?

  • What is the difference between public participation and co-production? At what point should researchers engage the public?

  • What role does policy play in science and innovation?

  • What ethical questions do science and innovation raise? Who is responsible for addressing these questions?

Please submit your idea or piece to For more information, please read these guidelines. Publication cannot be guaranteed from the beginning, but we will assist you as much as possible in the process to make it happen


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