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Native Scientist partners with the Dutch Academic Network in the UK

A new partnership to increase the reach and engagement of Dutch-speaking communities in the UK.

Native Scientist and the Dutch Academic Network in the UK (DANinUK) have signed a partnership agreement that will allow Dutch-speaking children to be inspired by Dutch scientists in the UK.

This partnership will allow the organisation of Native workshops in the UK in which researchers will explain scientific topics to pupils in Dutch. The goal of the workshops is to promote science and language learning as well as to allow interactions between pupils and scientific role models.

According to Milou van Poppel, co-founder of DANinUK, “as a new network, we are always looking for ways to increase our connection with the Dutch-speaking community all around the UK, both professionally and socially. We are therefore very proud to be part of this new partnership with Native Scientist, which will allow us to promote science and language communication and inspire children of all ages about science.”

Regarding this partnership, Joana Moscoso, co-founder of Native Scientist, explains: "As soon as we found out about DANinUK, we were eager to connect. Milou van Poppel was our point of contact and we were able to identify synergies already in the first meeting. We are looking forward to bridging the network of Dutch-speaking scientists in the UK with children who speak Dutch at home with their parents."

About DANinUK

DANinUK is a non-profit, social and professional network for Dutch nationals working in higher education and research institutions in the United Kingdom. It was founded aiming to establish a stronger cooperation between the Netherlands and the UK in the field of higher education and academic research, and to promote social and professional interactions between Dutch nationals within the UK.

About Native Scientist

Created by international migrant scientists for international migrant children, Native Scientist is a young and passionate multi-award-winning, European-wide, non-profit organisation that unites advocates for diversity and inclusion in science and education. In the classroom or beyond, Native Scientist actively engages with 200+ scientists every year, inspiring over 1,000 pupils to consider a science-related career and feel proud to use their heritage language.


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