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The SHT programme launches its first workshop of the year

On the 5th of February Porto’s primary school children had a chance to spend the whole morning with a scientist thanks to the Same Home Town (SHT) programme first workshop of the year.

Pupils from the Escola Básica da Vilarinha welcomed Cátia Monteiro, a marine biologist at CIBIO/BIOPOLIS, as she returned to her childhood school to inspire the next generation of scientists. Using animals and algae, she showed pupils that the sea is full of life and we need to take care of it. The workshop was an opportunity for the children to see first-hand what marine biologists do in their everyday lives, and for the scientists to promote positive attitudes towards science and serve as role models for the students. Talking about the workshop, Cátia said “going back to my primary school was going back to a place where I was very happy, to talk about something that makes me happy every day”.

The SHT programme is based on the concept of circular education. It allows science students and professionals to return to their elementary school to deliver a unique and meaningful science workshop for primary school students. The Programme aim is to bridge the gap between the scientific community and the educational sector in Portugal. Last year 65 workshops were delivered, allowing 1079 children from all areas of Portugal to get in contact with a real scientist, often for the first time. The workshop at the Escola Básica da Vilarinha was delivered thanks to the support of the Porto Innovation Hub and CIBIO/BIOPOLIS.  

For 2024 there are 60 more workshops already planned. If you are interested in participating in the programme, please visit the programme's website.

About Native Scientists

Founded in 2013, Native Scientists is a pan-European non-profit organisation connecting underserved children and scientists. It exists to broaden children's horizons, promoting scientific literacy and reducing inequalities through science outreach educational programmes.


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