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Year 9: We make science possible for children

Our annual report for 2021/2022 is now ready!

After two major international crises and a renewed brand, Native Scientists continues its work to broaden the horizons of underserved children promoting science literacy and higher education. In the last year, we created a new legal entity in Portugal, and we are now an organisation managed by a mix of paid and voluntary staff.

Moreover, we decided to change our name to reflect better our dynamic and diverse community and plurality of programmes. Native is now plural and has a renewed website and social media channels. 2021 also saw the establishment of our new programme based on circular education, which has already allowed more than 300 children in Portugal to meet a scientist for the first time in its first year. We now have two main educational programmes, and, together with the other bespoke programmes, we want to establish more than 100,000 meaningful connections between children and scientists by 2030.

We were also busy establishing new partnerships, publishing our first academic paper explaining how science outreach can improve equity, diversity, and inclusion, and launching our first call for the Native blog. Watch this space to read exciting articles about the interconnection of science and society in the next few months. Finally, we celebrated our success and hard work winning the prestigious UNESCO International Literacy prize for our work with migrant children.

Joana Moscoso, Co-founder and Director of Native Scientists highlights that, "Our success is only possible thanks to everyone joining Native Scientists and embracing our mission to make science education better and fairer.” For more information about our activities during 2021/2022 and ways to support us, please consult our annual report here.


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