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A science outreach and education programme for ethnic minority adolescents


An on-campus/site day to celebrate cultural diversity by connecting students and scientists with the same background.

What it is
What we do

We take students aged 13 to 17 out of the school into labs and museums.

Students meet the scientists in their working place to explore science and learn new concepts.

Scientists and students interact in their heritage language.


Outreach without borders

A once-in-a-lifetime experience for ethnic minority adolescents

What promotes

Why this program is important

Promotes science, multilingualism and diversity by bringing together scientists and adolescents with a common ethnic minority or migrant background.

Students make meaningful connections with science and feel that science and higher education “is for people like me.

Scientists work as a role model, increasing the impact of their research and their science communication skills.

Is this for you or for your institution?

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