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Native Scientist changes name: we are now plural

We have great news to share with you. Native Scientist has now become Native Scientists. A subtle but very important change to better reflect our dynamic and diverse community and plurality of programmes.

We have always strived to connect pupils and scientists. Our core mission is to broaden the horizons of underserved children through multiple science education and outreach programmes. This means Native Scientists is still a pan-European non-profit organisation focused on promoting science literacy and reducing inequalities. Since our founding in 2013, we have built connections with a growing network of partners and intend to continue nourishing this growth moving forward. As proof of our success, we have recently been awarded a prestigious UNESCO International Literacy prize in recognition of our work with migrant children.

As our community thrives, we understand it deserves innovation in the form of a fresh and exciting outlook. Our programmes' social media channels have all merged into the main channel, so be sure to follow us @NativeScientis1. Soon, our website will become Accessing the website, you will find renewed contents, info on how to get involved and how to contribute to expand our mission.

Regarding this new name, our co-founder and director Joana Moscoso said: “After this change was suggested to us by Nicolas Grassi, it became impossible to ignore it. It feels right and it marks a very special moment in the history of Native Scientist: soon to celebrate the 10th anniversary, last year we started a process of professionalisation and are preparing for another decade of impact.”

Together we make science a possibility for children. Interested to find out more?


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