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Native Scientist supported by MathWorks

Last month, staff at MathWorks voted on Native Scientist to receive financial support from their employer. The money received will allow Native Scientist to reach another 80 migrant pupils, 40 of which will feel inspired to become a scientist and 60 of which will feel prouder of speaking more than one language (based on impact rates calculated in 2015).

MathWorks is a leading developer of mathematical computing software for engineers and scientists. They created MATLAB and Simulink and they standout not only for their products, but also for a strong social mission, supporting local and professional communities through initiatives that advance STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) education, foster staff volunteerism, build environmental sustainability, and aid global relief efforts.

Dr Maria João Rosa, who works at MathWorks, explains why NS was nominated for an end-of-year donation: "Being a migrant and a scientist, I have great admiration for the work Native Scientist is doing. It's obvious that many communities are under represented in STEM and that's something we must change. We need everyone's talent and for that to happen, it is necessary to inspire the young generation, especially those with limited access to science and technology."

"Every pound counts! We feel extremely honoured and grateful to MathWorks leaders and staff for having this end-of-year donation programme and for voting on Native Scientist. We truly believe in the work we do and it's rewarding and inspiring to see others doing so" says with enthusiasm NS co-founder Dr Joana Moscoso.

Immigrant kids are twice as likely to underperform at school or droup out than the rest. Native Scientist is a network of international STEM professionals committed to tackle this educational disadvantage and drive a societal change where:

  • girls and boys both think that becoming a scientist is a real viable option;

  • science communication is second nature for the majority of scientists;

  • multiculturalism and multilingualism is accepted and celebrated (not marginalised or repressed).

Through our work we are inspiring the future generation of STEM professionals and we are training the current generation on science communication. Since 2013, we have reached over 2500 pupils and more than half (60%) said they have met a scientist for the first time of their lives during a NS workshop.


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